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June 2017

Locomotive & Train Railwayana - Loco Nameplates

Mainline Steam

The earliest nameplate to have surfaced and been sold through auction was from the GWR broad gauge loco "ROVER" which was sold for 38,200 in December 2000. Generally nameplates are from the big four companies and these were mounted in pairs with one on each side of the loco.


These were unique in that they were constructed from a sheet of steel with brass letters and edge beading and except in a few cases were curved to be carried on the engines splasher. This means that a "King" nameplate is little different to that of a humble "Hall" but the price certainly is, with a Hall selling at the current time at around 5000 -  while the last King in Auction fetched 45,000!!

old in our November 2010 Auction for 5800.


Many fine names from this region with the most sought after being from the Streamlined Coronations with the latest in Auction being "QUEEN ELIZABETH" ex 46221 which sold in 2009 for 51,500. The cheapest being from "Jubilees" which generally fetch around 9,000 - 10,000.

Nameplate ex Princess Coronation Class 46247 sold recently in auction for around 36,900


By far the most sort after plates from this region are from the iconic "A4's" with the Auction leader being "GOLDEN FLEECE" ex 60030 which fetched the highest Auction price ever for a nameplate of 60,000 in December 2004. A1 and A3's come in at a more manageable price of around 10,000 - 15,000 depending on name.

Nameplate ex A4 Class No 60002 sold  in auction for 19,600.


The most varied region by far with some very attractive nameplates being fitted to the "Bulleid" locomotives. The Merchant Navy Class had an enamel centre to the plate, Battle of Britain locos had a badge as did many of the West Countries. The earlier plates such as Schools Class and King Arthurs had the Class name at the bottom of a brass plate. The highest Auction price was achieved by us in September 2012, when the nameplate, badge and Scroll from West Country Class 34021 "DARTMOOR" - were sold for 52,250. The Squadron sets and badged West Countries are the most sought after SR plates, with the most affordable at the present time being from King Arthurs which can be picked up for around 8000.

Sold in our September 2012 Auction for a SR World Record Nameplate Price of 52,250

34020 SEATON at Eastleigh Works Yard in March 1961

Merchant Navy Nameplate ex rebuilt MN "35007"

West Country Class Nameplate with badge and scroll from unrebuilt "Spam-Can" "34015".

Battle of Britain Class Nameplate and Badge ex 34090

King Arthur nameplate ex "30802".


The final plates to be fitted to steam locos by BR were to some of the Standard Class locos with the most famous being from the last engine built 92220 "EVENING STAR". The most sought after of these plates are from the Britannia's with "SOLWAY FIRTH" ex 70049 selling for 18,200 in December 2002. The most modestly priced plates in this group are from the Standard "5"s which can be bought for around 6000.

Britannia Class Nameplate ex "70049".

If you wish to purchase your first nameplate we would suggest a GWR Hall plate as these are readily available, look attractive on display and can easily be traded up for a better plate at a later date. We can usually locate a Hall plate for you if required or they appear in most Specialist Auctions.

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