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June 2017

Locomotive & Train Railwayana - Loco Nameplates Industrial

The policy of naming mainline steam locos also carried across to the industrial scene where many locos were named either after the company they were working for or often using Christian names, but anything was possible. Most nameplates were made of cast brass but tended to be quite small relative to the size of their mainline cousins.

If you wish to purchase your first nameplate this could be a good way to go as they are quite reasonably priced being from around 250 upwards with most selling between 500 and 1250. They are also quite easy to move around and to display. Some examples are shown below.

Sold in our September 2011 Auction for 675

Sold in our November 2010 Auction.

Sold in our May 2010 Auction.

Industrial nameplates are available in most of the Specialist Railwayana Auctions and you should find in the catalogue description full details of the loco that carried the plate.

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