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Most Southern Railway Stations had Green & White enamel Target signs which were generally mounted on the Station's lampposts as in the picture from Seaton Junction Station, shown on the right, that was taken in 1962.

The unflanged signs were mounted on a wooden backing board down the centre of the sign, which was then attached to the post or in some cases to the station buildings.

 Over the period of their use targets were produced with a variety of different sizes and layouts. Words such as 'Halt' were put on the green round section under the name.

 With nationalisation of the Railways in 1948 a corporate image Totem sign was introduced  and in most  targets were replaced in the early 1950's.

 However some stations retained them even when totems had been introduced, either as a mixture of both or sometimes just keeping the targets. An example of this was DORKING NORTH which only had targets right up until it received "Modern Image" signs.

Some examples of different sizes and layouts are shown below.

We have researched as far as possible which stations had targets. There is no evidence so far that some stations did or did not have targets. If you click on the link and think you have proof that a station listed did carry them please get in touch - click here to view list.

Schools Class Loco 30929 Malvern stands in Christchurch Station with a Station Target clearly in view on the lamppost. The photo was taken in the early 1950's. Christchurch Targets are "B" Grade in the rarity lists.

For stations that have been confirmed to have carried SR Targets we have compiled a rarity guide (see bottom of page). A ranking system has been used to give a rough idea as to the availability of any particular Target and some guide line as to value. All the stations are listed and where available there is a link to a full page photo of each Target. We are constantly adding to the list but if you have photos of targets that are not photographed and are happy for us to use your pictures then please get in touch.

                         The Top Price in Auction for an SR Target is currently 7056 for MAYFIELD sold in April 2011


 The rarest targets, not yet seen in auction.

 In auction expect to pay 1000+. (2000+ for West Country/ Closed Stations)


A :

  Rare target, very hard to obtain.

 In auction expect to pay 700+.


B :

 Targets known to exist, although they
  could prove quite elusive.

 In auction expect to pay 300 - 600.


C :

 You should be able to acquire these targets fairly readily, through auction or private sale.

 In auction expect to pay 200 - 400.

Simply click on a letter below to check the rarity of a particular SR Target:


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