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 Railwayananet Auction May 15th - 20th 2018

"FINAL BID" - How it Works.

Please note that this service is only available to UK Phone Numbers

**Final Bid can only be booked on Saturday 19th May 2018 with the call or form reaching us before 7.0pm on Saturday 19th May**

This is a new feature that we have introduced to give all the advantages of an internet auction but to allow our customers to bid at the end of the auction, if they wish, in a live situation.

Once you have placed a bid of over 200 on a lot in the auction a form will be available for you to request to be Final Bidder on that lot (only available Saturday 19th) if you wish to do so.

To use "Final Bid" you must have placed a bid of 200 or above  on the Lot you wish to "Final Bid" on before the close of bidding at 7.0pm on Saturday 19th May for all Lots . Unless you book this option you cannot bid after 7.0 pm on Saturday 19th May 2018 for all Lots.  Bidding forms are disabled & the phone lines are closed once 7.0pm is reached.

Once the auction finishes (7.0pm on Saturday 19th May) we will remove all prices from the Website. These will be replaced with results once Final Bid is completed.

On Sunday 20th May between 10.30am and 3.30pm we will ring any customers who have requested this service on a number that you have provided. You will be told one of the following:-

1) That you have won the item and no further bidding is necessary (You can check as the result will be on the website).

2) That you are the top bidder but the reserve has not been reached. You then have the option to pay the reserve or put your top offer forward to the Vendor.

3) That you are not leading and a Customer has left a higher "Up To" bid.  You then have the option to bid against that bid until you either drop out or take the lead and win the lot.

4) That more than one person has requested "Final Bid" and we will have two bidders on the phones and will take alternate bids until one of the bidders drops out. If there are more than 2 requests we will deal with two people and then go over to the third/fourth etc until we have one successful bidder.

Bidders who request this service will be called during the following times. You can leave either a landline or mobile number but we would prefer a landline as this is more reliable.

Now available is "Your Call". This period enables you to call us if for any reason you have not received a Final Bid call as requested. No results will be finalised until the Your Call period has ended for that block of bids, and so if we have missed anyone we can then ring back the current highest bidder on your item if you wish to continue bidding. The number for these calls is 07758 857776 only. If you are leading bidder on an item after a Final Bid call then you can be certain that you have won the item if you do not receive a return call by the end of the Your Call period. This will eliminate a situation where a clerical error causes disappointment. Please do not call us the next day to say that you did not receive your "Final Bid" phone call.

Lots 1-50 Sunday May 20th 10.30am to 11.30am
Lots 51-100 Sunday May 20th 11.30am to 1.00pm
Lots 101-150 Sunday May 20th 1.00pm to 2.00 pm
Lots 151-200 Sunday May 20th 2.00pm to 3.30pm
Your Call 1-200 Sunday May 20th 3.30pm to 4.00pm
The bidding increments that will be used are listed below:-
200 - 500   20
550 - 1000 - 50
1000 - 2000 - 100
2000 + - 200

This will mean that you will have the chance to be the Final Bidder as is the case in a live auction and should remove the disappointment suffered by some of our customers when they cannot get through in the last few seconds of a bidding block.

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